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NoSQL Evening in Palo Alto Wrap Up

After everything was said and done about 140+ people showed up to the NoSQL Evening in Palo Alto. The event itself was sponsored by InfiniteGraph, a business unit of Objectivity, and was hosted by Tim Anglade creator of the popular NoSQL Summer program.

I've decided to be efficient (i.e. lazy) with regards to full session notes. However, I'll point you to two write ups about the event, one from HighScalability and one from InfiniteGraph.

Here are some of the key points that I took away from the meeting:

  • The creation of NoSQL stores was out of necessity
  • NoSQL has not "arrived" still lots of work to go, especially on core functionality
  • NoSQL is not just about big data.
    • Look to the three V's volume, velocity and variety if you have two of these properties NoSQL is probably a good fit
    • In addition, NoSQL was built to support high concurrency
  • Most clusters are underused from a CPU standpoint
  • I/O is always at a premium
  • Network saturation can occur very easily

One a personal note it was really cool to have a chance to meet and speak to a number of the folks that I read and write about. The panel was really good and Tim did an absolutely fantastic job keeping the meeting moving along. Hopefully, those that got a chance to go got just as much out of the meeting.

Links to the write ups: Notes from A NOSQL Evening in Palo Alto and About last night, A NOSQL Evening in Palo Alto

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