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Cassandra SF 2011 is coming in July

DataStax announced a couple of days ago (I know I'm way behind with the times here) that the upcoming Cassandra SF 2011 will take place on Monday July 11th. Speakers will include Adrian Cockcraft from NetFlix, the CTO of DataStax Jonathan Ellis and many more

For details visit: Cassandra SF 2011


NetFlix Use Case: Riak

We've written twice (here and here) about Adrian Cockcroft's NetFlix use case comparison posts. It seems that the folks, specifically Justin Sheehy of Basho, have responded to Adrian's questions.

Check out Riak's answers: NoSQL Netflix Use Case Comparison for Riak


NetFlix Use Cases Illustrated

In our post on Friday we mentioned a series of posts by Adrian Cockcroft in which Cockcroft posed a use case and a series of questions related to the use case. Cockcroft asked NoSQL projects/vendors to respond on how their solution would answer his questions. So far he has responses for MongoDB and Cassandra. However, this post is focuses on a series of slides that Cockcroft posted a few days ago in which he illustrates his use case as well as the series of questions.

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NetFlix Use Case Comparisons

Adrian Cockcroft of NetFlix proposed in a post last week the following use case:

A TV based device calls the API to add a movie to its favorites list (like the Netflix instant queue, but I have simplified the concept here), then reads back the entire list to ensure it is showing the current state. The API does not use cookies, and the load balancer (Amazon Elastic Load Balancer) is round robin, so the second request goes to a different API server, that happens to be in a different Amazon Availability Zone, and needs to respond with the modified list.

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