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Introduction to Riak

Here is a presentation from Sean Cribbs of Basho Technologies. In the presentation Cribbs provides us an introduction to Riak and some of its core features such as map/reduce.

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NoSQL Links - November 22nd, 2010

There's a lot of NoSQL articles, presentations, videos, etc. that I come across while doing research for the site. While most are worthy of mention, not all can really fill up a post. So to solve the problem I'm going to list the resources I find interesting in a single post.

See something NoSQL related that we should share? Submit the link to us so we can check it out.


NetFlix Use Case: Riak

We've written twice (here and here) about Adrian Cockcroft's NetFlix use case comparison posts. It seems that the folks, specifically Justin Sheehy of Basho, have responded to Adrian's questions.

Check out Riak's answers: NoSQL Netflix Use Case Comparison for Riak


Riak SmartMachine Benchmark: The Technical Details

Joyent has published the results of performance tests they have executed against Basho's Riak Key/Value NoSQL database.

The goal of the study was to demonstrate a baseline for users to understand Riak’s performance, stability, predictability, and linear scalability.  The systems were not tuned for optimal performance.  Instead, we chose to take standard 4 GB Riak Smartmachines and demonstrate throughput and latency for various access patterns and object sizes.

Check out the full results: Riak SmartMachine Benchmark: The Technical Details


Riak 0.13 now available

Basho Technologies have announced the release of Riak version 0.13.

Perhaps the biggest feature of this release is Riak Search:

Riak Search is a distributed, easily-scalable, failure-tolerant, real-time, full-text search engine built around Riak Core and tightly integrated with Riak's key/value layer

Other features include:

  • Improved Javascript call scheduling
  • Improved Javascript call caching
  • Fixed MapReduce job input handling
  • Bitcask, the default storage backed for Riak, also got some huge enhancements in the 0.13 release. The most noticeable and significant improvement is that Bitcask now uses 40% less memory per key entry.

Read the full release announcement here

Download Riak 0.13 here


A NoSQL Evening in Palo Alto

If you are in the Palo Alto area on October 26th, I highly recommend that you try to make it to a NoSQL Evening hosted by Tim Anglade, founder of NoSQL Summer. It has a very impressive list of speakers and should be an exciting evening.

The topics will look back on the origins of the movement & its growing pains, discuss the current technological & business states, as well as look ahead to the opportunities for improvement & expansion.

Current Speaker list includes:

  • InfiniteGraph: Darren Wood — Lead Architect
  • Scality: Erik Julin — Architect
  • Riptano: Jonathan Ellis — Founder
  • GoGrid: Paul Lancaster
  • 10gen: Roger Bodamer — SVP, Products and Engineering
  • Basho: Andy Gross — Vice President of Engineering
  • NorthScale: James Phillips — Co-Founder and Senior Vice President
  • Cloudant: Mike Miller — Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

For more information and to RSVP go here


Joyent and Basho: NoSQL Database Performance in the Cloud Webinar

Joyent and Basho are teaming up for a webinar on NoSQL database performance in the cloud. The webinar is this morning at 10am PST.

Here is a description from the site:

Join Bryan Cantrill, VP of Engineering at Joyent, and Justin Sheehy, CTO at Basho, for a discussion of database performance in the cloud and a review of recent benchmarks of the new Joyent Riak SmartMachines. We will review some of the scalability and performance challenges facing traditional cloud databases and the performance gains you can expect from distributed key value stores over traditional database architectures in the cloud.

The webinar will cover:
- Expectations of distributed databases compared to traditional RDBMS
- Introduction and overview of Basho Riak
- Review of benchmark data of the Joyent Riak SmartMachines

To sign up for here: Joyent and Basho: NoSQL Database Performance in the Cloud