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JVM Goes Big Data

SirSatish Ambati has an interesting presentation that discusses the various JVM scale issues that occur while working with big data.

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Links of the Day - 2010/07/26

Links of the Day for July 26, 2010


Links of the Day - 2010/07/19

Links of the Day for July 19, 2010


Links of the Day - 2010/07/14

Links of the Day for July 07, 2010



Zero to Mongo in 60 Hours

Ryan Angilly, a Senior Developer from and self proclaimed "pretty awesome dude" brings us our next presentation about how integrated MongoDB into their software stack and into production in 60 hours.

Why did they choose MongoDB? Ryan lists six strengths of MongoDB:

  1. Easy to get running
  2. Open Source
  3. Support in multiple (computer) languages. Prototype in Ruby, move to Java if necessary
  4. Very active development
  5. Full featured
  6. Great ecosystem

Ryan does a good job of describing the various stages of development, testing and deployment. Finally, Ryan discusses where they are at 200 days later and what tripped them up during the process.


Java Development with MongoDB

James Williams, a Software Engineer at BT/Ribbit, demonstrates how to use Java with MongoDB. In addition, James introduces us to Morphia an open source Apache 2 licensed library that:

  • Brings Hibernate/JPA paradigms to MongoDB
  • Allows annotating of POJOs to make converting them between MongoDB and Java very easy
  • Supports DAO abstractions
  • Offers type-safe query support
  • Compatible with GWT, Guice, Spring and DI frameworks


New player in the NoSQL movement, OrientDB

Interesting new participant in the NoSQL space, OrientDB. What is OrientDB?

OrientDB is a new Open Source NoSQL DBMS born with the best features of all the others. It's written in Java and it's amazing fast: can store up to 200,000 records in 5 seconds on common hardware. Even if it's Document based database the relationships are managed as in Graph Databases with direct connections among records. You can traverse entire or part of trees and graphs of records in few milliseconds. Supports schema-less, schema-full and schema-mixed modes. Has a strong security profiling system based on user and roles and support the SQL between the query languages. Thanks to the SQL layer it's straightforward to use it for people skilled in Relational world.

In addition to the features above it supports transaction. A feature that is often missing from other NoSQL data stores. I’ve added links both to the code hosting site and the project site as well. One other piece of info is that OrientDB is the creation of one individual, which is both impressive and scary at the same time. While it is released with the Apache license and code is available it does not yet have a huge community supporting it.

Orient Home Page
Orient Project Page (Google Code)