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DataStax Injects Scale into Real-Time Web and Enterprise Applications with Apache Cassandra™

BURLINGAME, Calif. - Feb. 1, 2011 – DataStax (formerly Riptano –, the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™, today announced DataStax OpsCenter for Apache Cassandra. DataStax OpsCenter is the first platform for managing, monitoring and operating enterprise Cassandra applications. With DataStax OpsCenter, Cassandra users now have the most advanced operations environment bundled with expert support for their real-time, high-volume, and low-latency applications.

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NoSQL Links - November 22nd, 2010

There's a lot of NoSQL articles, presentations, videos, etc. that I come across while doing research for the site. While most are worthy of mention, not all can really fill up a post. So to solve the problem I'm going to list the resources I find interesting in a single post.

See something NoSQL related that we should share? Submit the link to us so we can check it out.


A Word from our Sponsors, November Edition

I'dl like to take a moment to say thank you to our sponsors that help make this site possible. I'm extremely appreciative for their support and remind all of you that if you are interested in finding out more about our sponsors or the products that they support please click the ads on the right of the page.

About Riptano

Riptano is the commercial company for Cassandra, a scalable and high performance open source database. Riptano offers software, support, and training for Cassandra. Capable of both online transactions and analytical workloads, Cassandra offers distribution of data across multiple data centers and incremental scalability with no single points of failure. Cassandra is the logical choice when reliability is needed without compromising performance. Riptano brings Cassandra to the enterprise. Investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, Rackspace Hosting Inc. and Jason Calacanis.

For information on Riptano, visit

About Membase

Membase, Inc., (formerly NorthScale) is the company behind Membase, the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database technology. The company provides products and services that enable customers to dramatically lower costs while simultaneously improving the scalability and performance of their interactive web applications. Membase is behind some of the world’s busiest web applications: it is the primary database for the popular FarmVille and Café World applications at Zynga; and it provides a shared data management platform for NHN, Korea’s largest web application operator with nearly 70 million unique users. Membase is also available through cloud service providers such as Heroku and RightScale, supporting thousands of applications of all sizes. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Membase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund and North Bridge Venture Partners.

For more information on Membase, Inc, visit To try Membase download it here

About Versant 

Using the Versant Object Database, developers speed and simplify development, cut hardware costs, significantly reduce administration costs, and deliver products with a strong competitive edge. With over 50,000 installations, Versant is powering leading edge database applications for over 15 years for Global 2000 companies such as Ericsson, Verizon, the U.S. Government, and Financial Times

For more information on Versant visit

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NetFlix Use Case Comparisons

Adrian Cockcroft of NetFlix proposed in a post last week the following use case:

A TV based device calls the API to add a movie to its favorites list (like the Netflix instant queue, but I have simplified the concept here), then reads back the entire list to ensure it is showing the current state. The API does not use cookies, and the load balancer (Amazon Elastic Load Balancer) is round robin, so the second request goes to a different API server, that happens to be in a different Amazon Availability Zone, and needs to respond with the modified list.

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Riptano, the Commercial Cassandra Company, Raises $2.7 Million in Series A Funding

Austin, Texas – October 27, 2010 – Riptano™ Incorporated announced today the closing of $2.7 million Series A financing. Lightspeed Venture Partners led the financing with participation from Sequoia Capital and private investor Jason Calacanis. Riptano is the company providing software, support and training for Apache Cassandra, which is an open source database developed through the combination of Amazon and Google technology.

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What is Cassandra good for

What is Cassandra good for? Riptano, the professional development and support organization for Cassandra gives us an answer to that question in their latest blog post.

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Cassandra 0.6.6 Released

A new stability release of Cassandra was released yesterday (10/14). Version 0.6.6 does not contain any API changes but includes several improvements.

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Riptano and Digital Reasoning Partner Up For Cassandra

Riptano announced yesterday that they were teaming up with Digital Reasoning. The goal of the partnership

advance cloud-scale analytics solutions in commercial and government markets

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Cassandra Documentation Now Available

Riptano, the commercial organization that provides support, training and professional services for the Cassandra database, has made documentation for the latest version of the database (0.6.5) available.

Riptano is looking for feedback on the documentation so if you have any let them know.

Check out the documentation here


A NoSQL Evening in Palo Alto

If you are in the Palo Alto area on October 26th, I highly recommend that you try to make it to a NoSQL Evening hosted by Tim Anglade, founder of NoSQL Summer. It has a very impressive list of speakers and should be an exciting evening.

The topics will look back on the origins of the movement & its growing pains, discuss the current technological & business states, as well as look ahead to the opportunities for improvement & expansion.

Current Speaker list includes:

  • InfiniteGraph: Darren Wood — Lead Architect
  • Scality: Erik Julin — Architect
  • Riptano: Jonathan Ellis — Founder
  • GoGrid: Paul Lancaster
  • 10gen: Roger Bodamer — SVP, Products and Engineering
  • Basho: Andy Gross — Vice President of Engineering
  • NorthScale: James Phillips — Co-Founder and Senior Vice President
  • Cloudant: Mike Miller — Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

For more information and to RSVP go here


Cassandra Performance Tuning

Lot's of excitement in the Cassandra world at the moment. Is it Cassandra's fault or not? It's almost like our own little soap opera. It's part of the reason I find this presentation to be very appropriate, Performance Tuning for Cassandra. This presentation is by Brandon Williams of Riptano the commercial support company for Cassandra and yes they've been actively involved with Digg for several months now preparing for the go-live.

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Links of the Day - 2010/07/21

Links of the Day for July 21, 2010

  • Installing CouchDB on a VM - Dennis Delimarsky provides a nice tutorial for installing CouchDB on a VM so that you can give CouchDB 1.0 a try
  • Riptano Packages Cassandra for the Enterprise - Matt Pfeil, co-founder and CEO of Riptano discusses Cassandra. Little bit of background here, Riptano was created as a commercial entity for Cassandra. Pfeil and Jonathan Ellis, who is the project chair for Apache Cassandra, co founded Riptano back in March of 2010
  • NoSQL The Dawn of Polyglot Persistence - We discussed Polyglot Persistence a few weeks back. Stephan Schmidt of Code Monkeyism provides some more ideas about the topic.

Links of the Day - 2010/07/07

Links of the day for July 07, 2010